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12 Awesome "Sassy-Yet-Classy" Ideas for a Sophisticated Bachelorette Party

Sophisticated Bachelorette PartyBefore you say “I do,” let’s plan a spectacular bachelorette party for you with the help of these 12 awesome ideas for a sophisticated bachelorette party
The big day is almost here, and you’re itching to have the perfect sophisticated bachelorette party! The bridal bash before the wedding is a chance for you and your entourage to enjoy yourselves and celebrate your last few days of singlehood. But how do you enjoy a party without, you know, ending up in jail or stranded on a desert island in nothing but your lingerie?
Most Western movies depict the ultimate bachelorette party as a wild night of drinks, muscular men, and raunchy games. But if the image of you being given a lap dance by a gyrating man in a G-string doesn’t exactly thrill you, then these ideas for a more sophisticated version of a bachelorette party might. It’s just as much fun (if not more) as racy parties, and you eliminate the risk of starring in your own comedy-horror movie about a night gone wrong. Plus, in today’s social media-obsessed world, more and more brides are opting for classy and chic bachelorette parties that are Instagram-worthy, so there are a lot more choices for these cosmopolitan women now.
Take a look at some of these fun ideas for a sophisticated bachelorette party:

Book a Weekend Vacation

The ultimate bonding experience for you and your girlfriends! A weekend at a popular resort or beach is a good way to send you off to marital bliss. You can work on your wedding tan and enjoy the resort’s amenities. Ask about bachelorette party packages—most resorts now offer them, and these may include amazing rooms and special services. For five-star resorts, you may just be given the royal treatment as the bride-to-be!
Turn your vacation into a wellness retreat by joining fun workouts like Zumba, kickboxing, and yoga classes. Eat gourmet meals and healthy food, and unwind with spa treatments and some beach bliss.

Shop and Sip!

If shopping is your thing, then spend a day or an entire weekend shopping in New York City or wherever. If you plan well, you can use this time to buy things you need for the wedding with your entourage. You can buy your shoes at this time, purchase a wedding gift for your future hubby, or bag some last-minute décor for the reception. As a bonus, your friends will be there to help you decide.
Afterwards, treat yourself to cocktails and dancing in the evening. It’s the ultimate girls’ night!

Have a “Sparty”

Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Ideas 1
What’s a “sparty,” you ask? Why, it’s going to the spa while also having a party! A bit cheesy, I know, but what better way to relax and rejuvenate before your wedding than a spa weekend with the girls? My first “different” bachelorette party was a sparty, and boy, did I enjoy it! Picture this: you and your best friends being treated to a super relaxing massage by spa professionals. After a glorious hour or two, someone comes in withdelicious cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and light sandwiches. Now that is sophistication! A bonus: if you’ve got wedding jitters, this could help you relax before the big day. It might help you get that “blooming bride” or “blushing bride” effect.

Glamp it Up

Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Glamping
This is a bachelorette party idea for outdoorsy, adventurous brides. Go camping with your friends for a different kind of fun. Not a fan of the woods? Go “glamping” instead. You can search online for decked out cabins that are close to charming towns. Explore the town during the day, and spend the night with your friends in shabby chic cabins.

In Vino Veritas

Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Shop and Champagne
“In wine, there is truth.” Yes, and also, loads of fun and sophistication. Ditch the cheap booze and head on over to a vineyard for a classy winery tour and tasting. Turn it up a notch by hiring a limo to take you and your girlfriends around to several wineries, ending with a sumptuous wine-paired dinner at the last winery. It’s like barhopping, but with a touch of elegance and sophistication. “Henderson, darling, take us to the next vineyard please!”

Thriller Night

Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Zip Lining
For the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, go ahead and spend an afternoon parasailing, zip lining, or attending a trapeze class. Best to let allthis pent-up stress out with some extreme sports!

Grownup Slumber Party

Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Slumber Party
Champagne, decadent desserts, manis and pedis, chick flicks, and a game of Truth or Dare can turn an ordinary slumber party into a fun, sophisticated bridal bash. This is perfect if you and your friends used to sleep over at each other’s house way back when. Time to take a trip down memory lane!

Back to (Spy) School

If you live in New York City or Los Angeles, there’s a Stiletto Spy School you can sign up for, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Be the femme fatale you’ve always dreamt you could be. Choose your mission, learn the basics of hand-to-hand combat, and mix the perfect martini—shaken, not stirred, of course.

Look Into the Future

Sophisticated Bachelorette Party ideas Tarot
Wondering what married life will look like for you? Have some new age fun by hiring a tarot card reader or an astrologer to look into you and your friends’ fortunes. Who will get married next?

Blast From the Past

Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Tea Party
Throw a tea party, Victorian-style. Imagine tables with lace doilies, finger sandwiches, scones, and tea with milk and honey in fancy teacups. You can set it up at home, or book a tearoom at a fancy hotel. Amazing garden views are a plus and lend more sophistication and class to your tea party.

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a chic and classy scavenger hunt at a friend’s sprawling house or a neighborhood garden. Prizes can include bottles of wine, spa gift certificates, or gourmet coffee beans.

Laugh Out Loud

Laugh it up by going with the girls to a comedy show or booking a front row table at an upscale comedy club. If you like sophistication but also need a little bit of naughtiness, comedy is a great idea. Let the comedians know you’re having a bachelorette party, and shine the spotlight on the bride!

Just a Few Reminders

Odds are that you won’t be planning your own bachelorette party; so let your bridal entourage know what’s in and what’s out for the party. Try to look at things that you and your friends have always wanted to do together, and go from there.
You also don’t want to hold your bachelorette party the day before the wedding. Plan to have it at least three or more days before the wedding. Even sophisticated parties need some time to recover from all the fun.
Lastly, enjoy yourself! There are a few things more special than your wedding, and you want the whole experience — from the proposal to the honeymoon — to be memorable and worth the wait.

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