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What it is Like to Shoot for a Magazine?

People sometimes have very skewed ideas of how great it to shoot for magazines.

This video (part one of two) by SHOWStudio, puts you on set with legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight. In case your haven’t heard of Nick, and you are into fashion, you really should spend some time and read up on him. He was part of the British Invasion of the early 90′s that was really the last MAJOR movement (artistically speaking) in fashion photography.
With him is fashion editor and stylist Edward Enninful. Another big player you should know.
So, why should you care? Well this video allows you to see what a rear 16 hour shoot day looks like at one of the worlds top fashion magazines. Yes: 16h! From the standing around and waiting, to the mad dash to get the shot! Watch out for the incredible attention to detail and passion each person has for their craft.  

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