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Add a Vintage Effect To Your Photos in Under 5 Minutes

Image courtesy of Iamazone from Flickr


The vintage tinge you see in a lot of photos these days is a trend that stems from the popular Instagram filters. Retro is back and with it comes some of the old trends we haven’t seen in over a decade including polaroids. The old school polaroids produced a sort of washed out sepia look to photos that gave them a certain feel and look to them. If you are a fan of this look or simply want to try out this trend, we will show you how to easily and quickly replicate the polaroid look in under 5 minutes.


We’ll be using actions that other users have created to edit our photos. Simply download the action and launch the action file. This will add the action to Photoshop, which you can then access via Windows > Actions, from here you can select your new action and click on the play button to apply it to your photo.


Here are a collection of 10 different actions for you to try out:


1. Buttercream Vintage


2. Violet Delight


3. Trendy Retro Photo Effect


4. Vintage Colors


5. Polaroid Generator V3


6. Lithprint Action


7. Old Photo Action


8. InFection


9. Vintage Effect II


10. Exclusive Vintage

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