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Blind man going after tripple speed record.

Mike Newman, after already owning four Guinness World Records. goes ofter the triple crown for land, water, and air speeds.

Mike’s attempt at driving over 200mph unaccompanied in the Noble M600, a British super car, is depcted in this video. You may be thinking 200mph is far below the current land speed record,  but here is the catch: Mike Newman is completely blind…

Images shot in the video are to promote the Speed of Sight charity, and you can see some of the final photos on their site as well as get more information about Mike.

If you want to learn more about the photo project I encourage you to go to the video page on Youtube and check out the description where you can find a short Q&A with Nathan about his reasons for taking it on, as well as some background information about the preparation for this shoot. He mentions that he’ll be continuing to document Mike throughout his attempts at the three records, and I’ll be sure to watch for new content to share with you.

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