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Product Photography on a Tight Budget

You’ve just created your own awesome
handcrafted products and now you want to sell them on Etsy. Or you’ve
been asked by a friend to take photos of their products. The above
video shows us some techniques and methods of taking decent product
photography with little to no budget.

While the video isn’t 100% serious and
is more of a fun skit than a tutorial, there are some interesting
points you should take away from it. Here are some things you can
learn from the video.

Lighting is Crucial

If you watched the video, you would of
noticed that both the photographers spoke about light and getting the
best possible lighting for their shot. Knowing how to light your
subject well is a skill that you will develop with experience and

For example, the first photographer
found a great spot for shooting his subject, but the sunlight was too
harsh so he opted to wait. The second photographer chose to use two
DIY diffused lamps to light up his subject which created a nice

Use a White Background

For a professional looking product
photo, it is a good idea to use a white background. A sheet of white
paper will suffice, and you can position it however you like. The
white background is important because it helps direct people’s focus
towards your product instead of distracting them with elements of the

You Can Take High Quality Pictures
Without a Studio

These two photographers were literally
two dudes with a camera being creative and using their surroundings
and resources. They were given 25 pounds each and one of them spent
it all on food. The end results were quite good, especially
considering the circumstances.

Be Resourceful

Learn to use and be aware of your
surroundings. Whether it is using the sunlight as lighting for your
photos or using your iMac as a prop for your sheet of paper, there
are countless ways to use your environment to your advantage. Be
creative with the resources given to you and think outside the box.

How You Use Your Equipment is More
Important Than What You’re Using

This video is a testament to the
philosophy that you don’t need thousands of dollars of equipment to
be a good photographer. Obviously it helps to use the best equipment
you can afford, but you don’t necessarily need the top DSLR model to
produce professional-looking results.

Photography Fundamentals Can Take You a
Long Way

While this video wasn’t 100% serious,
you can tell that these guys know what they’re doing. Knowledge of
composition, lighting and camera settings will make you a much better
photographer. If you find yourself struggling with these concepts,
take the time to learn and understand them because it makes a drastic

Try this Challenge

Repeat the challenge for yourself and
see how well your photos turn out. Not only will it be a bit of fun,
but it should challenge you and you might learn a thing or two.

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