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Adorable Baby Costume for laughs – Photograph

It’s a lovely day and I was surfing the net looking for new tips and ideas to further improve our photography creativity. Photography is a live, breathing entity in our lives! Especially ones that take our breaths away.
Yes, residing in Vancouver, BC has its perks with beautiful landscapes and huge variety of architecture.. But today I’m feeling… witty. So I strayed away from the scenic route, and down the comedic path.
After searching up almost everything and anything, I came across an adorable baby costume image that almost had me fall off my chair! Out of curiosity, I clicked on it in hopes of discovering the source of this brilliant idea. Here’s the picture:
Image source: Costume-works.com Image source: Costume-works.com
Hilariously enough, the first person to comment on this costume read my mind (or did I read hers?). Here’s what she said:

“What a cute idea. The circle of life. We start bald, no teeth, and can’t walk, and usually end up the same way.”

— Denny Henn, 2011

Now isn’t that the truth! Time flies by fast, which makes it even more important to cherish all the memories passing by. And the best way to make life colorful is to create memories as we go. A photograph paints a story out of a thousand words. Or just simply paints an adorable infant after a hundred years!
For more laughs, here’s a youtube video of this Little Old Man!

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