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25 Fall-Inspired Ideas for an Autumn Wedding, Part 1

Imagine a small child in a leaf-filled wagon being pulled down the aisle, right before the bride emerges. On the back of the wagon is a chalkboard sign that reads, “Here Comes the Bride.” If you’ve been dreaming of a fall wedding, consider these fun tips for everything from your bridal jewelry to sending guests home happy.


1. Incorporate feather elements into your attire and the groom’s outfit. Use feathers in your hairpiece and jewelry. Create boutonnieres for the guys out of feathers, too.
2. To stay with the theme, the groom’s attire can include rich brown and rust colored pieces, brown shoes that aren’t too polished, tweed fabric and even elbow patches. A pocket square in a brighter color, like mustard yellow, will really pop against a dark or neutral clothing palette.

Decor and Invitations

Photo courtesy of Stefan Sisters. Photo courtesy of Stefan Sisters.
3. Line the aisle at your ceremony or the path to drive to the ceremony or reception with pumpkins.
4. Fill a wheelbarrow, wooden carts or the back of a vintage pickup truck with pumpkins, gourds and apples.
5. You don’t have to be pigeonholed into using just orange pumpkins – you can find them in shades of blue and white, also.
6. Decorate drink stations with apples, leaves and tied up bundles of wheat.
7. Use heavy card stock for a fall wedding. You can also find suppliers who have wooden invitations! Pretty calligraphy and hand drawn designs will add to the whimsical feel of an autumn wedding.

Food, Beverages and the Wedding Cake

8. Serve seasonal foods for a fall wedding, like dishes made with apples, blackberries, pumpkin, squash and root veggies.
9. Pumpkin soup with a dash of spicy chili is an excellent first course for dinner.
10. Serve Pumpkin Pie martinis. Rachael Ray’s recipe combines two ounces each of vanilla vodka and creme de cacao with a quarter cup of heavy cream and one teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice.
Photo courtesy of San Diego Magazine. Photo courtesy of San Diego Magazine.
11. Ask the caterer to prepare a few jugs of apple sangria. See the recipe for Food and Wine’s Honeycrisp Apple Sangria at the bottom of this post!
12. More delicious drinks for an autumn wedding include bourbon, rum and warm cider with a stick of cinnamon in it.
13. You’ll need a couple of non-alcoholic drinks on the menu, too. Offer pumpkin lattes and hot chocolate with cinnamon. Top both drinks with homemade whipped cream.
14. Who doesn’t love getting a fresh apple cider donut during a day at the pumpkin patch? Ask your baker to make an apple cider wedding cake with cream cheese frosting. For a truly rustic wedding, ask for a “naked” cake (frosting is in between layers but not on the outside of the cake). Serve the cake on a wood platter.

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