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A Documentary You Must See

Let’s face it: We photographers are, outside of our community, not really considered “exciting”. Granted, we have our heroes, and quite a few fan boys (and girls, just ask Jerry), but outside of our community, they are mostly unknown.
So, it was a bit of a surprise to see a documentary on photographer Sebastião Salgado being a nominee for an Academy Award.
I watched it yesterday, and I have to say: Wow! What a deeply emotional experience. Producer Wim Wenders, whom I still remember from my childhood days (meaning he has been at it for a while *sigh*), did an amazing job capturing what drives a man to spend major parts of his life, voluntarily, emerging himself into the most awful things human beings can do to each other. Of course, this changed him. Deeply. The support from his family, the sacrifices… It is hard to watch, but at the same time you cannot help but admire this man, who, even now, at an age where most people put up their feet, still put the camera to his eye for a cause.
It is hard to describe, you have to watch it. Seriously – you have to! Rent it now.

Official Synopsis

For the last 40 years, the photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling through the continents, in the footsteps of an ever-changing humanity. He has witnessed some of the major events of our recent history; international conflicts, starvation and exodus. He is now embarking on the discovery of pristine territories, of wild fauna and flora, and of grandiose landscapes as part of a huge photographic project, which is a tribute to the planet’s beauty. Sebastião Salgado’s life and work are revealed to us by his son, Juliano, who went with him during his last travels, and by Wim Wenders, himself a photographer.
(C) Sony Classics

Trailer and Images

All images below are taken by Sebastião Salgado, read full story, copyright information and more images at the official Sony Classics website

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