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A Must Have Wedding App

Smart phone apps seem to have revolutionized the way people do almost anything, from conducting business to keeping track of menstrual (and fertility 😉 cycles. Awesomely enough, they can make your wedding day, and the events leading up to it, a more interactive, memorable experience for both you and your guests.
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Several apps are out now that allow your guests to upload pictures they take during the event straight to your phone or a designated website; others inform guests what to expect when and where. I’ve recently come across one that encompasses these features and more, appropriately entitled “Our Wedding App.” This baby really does it all.
Guests can share their experiences with other guests using the text and camera function. They can upload photos instantly, giving you the option to display a slideshow in real-time at the wedding (on a projector, or individual laptops or tablets placed throughout the reception area). These pictures will be saved online for later viewing, available for all guests to download for free. Text messages that were sent through the app can also be read later to relive funny and special moments!
Most importantly, it allows your guests to have important information with them at all times. Wedding and reception directions, hotel information, cool places to see and visit, and transportation info—it will even call you a cab! This saves the bride and groom a tremendous amount of time and hassle spent troubleshooting guests’ questions and concerns.
Photo Courtesy of Our Wedding App
A request for your guests to download the app for free can be included in the wedding invitation itself, by supplying a unique Event ID# that instantly connects them to your wedding site. For the stragglers who missed the first wave but don’t want to miss out on the fun, place a card on each of the tables with the Event ID# and a brief description of the app and instructions to download. Making an announcement to encourage lots of picture-taking isn’t a bad idea, either!
After you come back from the honeymoon, you’ll be delighted to sift through the wealth of photos and anecdotes friends and family have shared with you. Btw, wedding apps also make great wedding presents. The price of Our Wedding App depends on the number of guests. Using an average of 150 guests at $1.99 per guest, the average cost is around $299, allowing you to distribute it to your guests as a gift. It is available for both Androids and iPhones. To learn more about the app, check out http://www.ourweddingapp.com.

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