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A Vancouver Bride's 6 Smart Tips

When doing Wedding Photography in Vancouver, we are blessed with clients who put an effort into actually enjoying their big day. It’s so easy to freak out, to get carried away, and forget what a wedding is all about. 

A few things to remember and take note… write them down, and pin them to your mirror so you see them first thing in the morning in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

  • DO take the time out to enjoy special and fun memories with friends throughout the day. Make sure those special moments are photographed… TRUST ME: It’s these photos you will treasure the most! 

  • DO personalize your wedding vows if that is an option for your ceremony. Write them to reflect your relationship and personality. That said, try not to embarrass guests with TMI! Make sure you get them photographed, they will bear a special place in your album or video.

  • DO practice your first dance together. Be sure you are on the same page (and in the same rhythm), This is not the time to have a surprise dip that ends up with you both on the floor! Hello, You Tube! 🙂

  • DON’T order online gowns that are illegal knock offs and lower quality. You need to know what your gown is going to look like. Online shopping is great for everyday items but this is the gown. AND it’s a gown you are going to need fitted.Plus you don’t want the stress of wedding day dress disasters such as broken clasps, frayed or ripped seams, missing buttons or more

  • DON’T forget to make sure the inside of your cake tastes as good as the outside looks! Your baker can help you choose through a tasting session…. enjoy that!

  • DON’T skip your hair and make-up trial. The last thing you want is to hate your look… that’s no way to remember your wedding day!


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