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About Perception (Part 2)

If we accept the point made in About Perception, Part 1, that the camera is a story telling device, and the story is told both through the eyes of the photographer and the viewer, lets quickly think about what stories we tell about ourselves?

It is so common today to post pictures of ourselves online. What we do, however, is tell a story about us. Tell a story about who we are, and how we portray ourselves online has great impact on how the world perceives us. 

People will interpret your pictures

Others will(!) interpret every picture you put online. People will look at you and form an option, build a story in their head. Someone told me recently – in the context of social media – she was “tired of being fed ‘bs’ by other people”. Of further examination, this ‘bs’ is often times our own interpretation of visual material. Of course it is. We use our own past experiences, we project, we interpret, and, in lack of a clear story being told, we fill in the blanks.

Now, do we take the same care when telling our own story than when we tell stories about others? Do we pay as much attention to detail as we would when photographing others?

More often than not, the answer will be “no”. It has become common practice to take a picture and post it to social media without giving it a second thought. Well, maybe the thought is “what filter do I apply”. The world certainly does pay attention to detail, trust me… Boy does it ever. Every picture you post online will stick with you for a long time… If you don’t tell your story right, other will, and you may not like it…

So is the story you tell about yourself – at the very least – the truth?  Is it a good story? Will you still like that story in a few years?

Think about it….

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