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We are – of course – in the midst of the wedding season here in Vancouver, and – as usual – our editing backlog keeps growing.

Sometimes you just have to take a break, and I found myself at Chapters – again: as usual – in the photo book section.

I picked up a, very heavy, copy of Annie Leibovitz’s book “A Photographer’s Life”, and got lost in it.

The notable point to make is: A lot of these pictures are far from perfect. Blurry, composition is off, etc. However, each and every one of them captivates me, draws me in, hold me, and often 45 min I only looked at 10 pages.

When I grow up, I want to be like her… We often times gets sucked into the thinking that we need the perfect lighting, the tack sharp lens, and forget that we are, at the end of the day, capturing a human being. A baby, old Willy Nelson (god I love that portrait), a mother. 

Capturing their essence, their spirit, their story, their emotions, their thoughts… all in the confinement of one frame. In a world of cell phone selfies, where “good enough” is the new thing we are measured against… it is an amazing feeling to get sucked in by … something great. Something powerful, something that is so far above the mediocre world of instagram and facebook likes.

This weekend, I will go and shell out the money for this book, and have it at the studio.. drop by and lets have a look together….

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