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All Grown Up: An Alice In Wonderland-Inspired Wedding

The term “theme wedding” probably makes you cringe. After all, you’re not the kind of bride who would ever have a Sleeping Beauty wedding cake topper or a carbon copy Cinderella gown. Leave that stuff for the teen brides and plan a grownup theme wedding with sophisticated decor, imaginative surroundings and an entirely mature atmosphere.
Alice In Wonderland was once the black sheep of the Disney movies, but thanks to Tim Burton, the story’s popularity is finally booming. If you’re a Wonderland fan, you may be trying to figure out ways to mix this youthful story with your wedding day without succumbing to adolescent ideas. You’re in luck – Alice is all about tea, flowers and charming garden parties. What a gorgeous, idyllic setting for your wedding day.

Decorations & Pretty Frills

  •  If you’re having an outdoor wedding during the spring or summer, hang white Chinese lanterns overhead. You can also have antique chandeliers hung from the ceiling for an indoor wedding.
  • Nestle pink flowers in different shades inside a clear mason jar and place them on the bar, the dessert table and near the guest book. You can also cut flowers down so there’s just a little bit of stem and stuff a bunch into a large teacup or a teapot. If the flowers need a boost, place the “vase” on top of two hard cover classic novels in different colors.
  • While most couples don’t purchase their own tableware for the reception, if you want to supply your own, find white dishes with gold imprints of queen and king crowns.
  • Use double-tiered dessert dishes as the table centerpieces and pile them with orange and pink flower petals, pomegranates cut in half and dried fruit.
  • As any true Alice fan knows, clocks and time play a large role in the story. Give your guests miniature, vintage-style ticking clocks to take home at the end of the reception.


Drinks and Cake

  • Pour after-dinner aperitifs into tiny bottles and secure a white tag around the neck of each bottle. On the tag, have “Drink Me” printed or written in script.
  • Instead of having the caterers fill coffee cups that are on the tables already, ask them to set up a coffee and tea table. Stack mismatched, antique teacups on top of each other. Have both tea and coffee served from a variety of unusual teapots.
  • Order a lopsided “Mad Hatter” cake from your baker. Each level is designed to look a bit uneven, like one side is starting to sink into the level below. The effect is adorable and, trust me, the cake is perfectly safe. Each section of the cake can have its color scheme, design and even flavor. Plus, they can be decorated to look elegant instead of cutesy.
  • If you’re planning on a small wedding cake and a separate dessert for guests, have miniature square cakes made with the words “Eat Me” across the top.

Alternative Color Schemes

Are pastels a tad too sugary-sweet and delicate for your dramatic, vivid taste? Sticking with the Alice theme, you can opt for a color scheme of red, white and black. Mix in silver for some sparkle if you wish. Think scarlet colored roses down the center of each table, stationary that looks like oversized playing cards, triple-tiered Red Velvet Cake and a stark white gown with crimson details.

Wonderland-Inspired Photography Ideas

  • A closeup shot of the bride’s wedding shoes as she steps on playing cards that are scattered on the floor.
  • The groomsmen leaning on croquet mallets in muted colors. Also, the bride and groom playing croquet next to each other with colorful mallets, shot from the waist down.
  • The groom in a richly colored velvet suit jacket and a high, faded top hat.
  • First-look photos in a garden maze or near topiaries.
  • The groom holding a pocket watch with a gold chain.
  • Set up a table with scattered items, including playing cards, tea cups, old books, pocket watches and flowers.

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