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All Grown Up: Cinderella Wedding

Crystal candelabras set on the bride and groom’s sweetheart table. Dramatic drapery hung over floor-to-ceiling windows. Blonde ringlets that fall around a glimmering tiara. It doesn’t get much more opulent and glamorous than a Cinderella-style wedding. Plan for your lavish wedding day without resorting to child-like decorations.
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Table Decor

Set tables with blue, draping linens and gold dishware. For an Autumn wedding, place frosted pumpkins in the center of each table. Or, use tall vases filled with flowers or sky high topiaries for the centerpieces. Just make sure the vases are tall enough so that people can look past them instead of having the flora block their view. Whatever you use as the centerpieces, sprinkle rose petals over the entire table.

Drinks & Food

Have the caterers supply plenty of champagne and wine. Even better is if pink champagne can be served! Each reception table should be set with one bottle of red and one bottle of white, and they should be replaced as needed. Ask the bartenders to create a specialty cocktail to go with the feminine theme (Hint: The cocktail should be sweet and colorful).
The menu should be elegant and rich – think cream sauces, poached mushrooms and Oysters Rockefeller. During dinner, have the venue set up a roast beef carving station and serve either Cornish game hens or crispy roast duck as an entree. As a wedding cake topper, have your baker create an edible pillow topped with Cinderella’s slipper.
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Invitations & Transportation

Send guests a ribbon-wrapped scroll invitation, just like a royal announcement. Use an elegant, timeless font, and include the phrase, “Happily Ever Begins Here.” Many towns, and even some reception venues, will let you rent a horse-drawn carriage or a pumpkin carriage to bring you from the ceremony to the reception.
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Gown, Shoes & Other Accessories

The ideal wedding dress for a Cinderella bride is ball gown-style with a pale blue petticoat. While you can order clear “glass” slippers, many brides opt for a more contemporary look by wearing gem-adorned heels. The sparkly ornamentation makes the shoes look reflective, just like a modern day Cinderella would wear.
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While your dress may be a stunning shade of white, don’t be afraid of adding a few pale blue elements to evoke that true Cinderella feel. Pull on long, white gloves that go up to the elbow and opt for a theatrical veil, even one that’s floor-length. If it coordinates well with your dress’ neckline, wear a shimmering choker necklace. As for your bouquet, there’s nothing more classic than long stem roses.

Bridal Party: Attire & Gifts

While there won’t be anything out of the ordinary for the groomsmen (basic black tuxedos will look outstanding with this wedding theme), your bridesmaids are a different story. If you’re not wearing anything that’s pale blue, have your bridesmaids wear that shade. Otherwise, ask them to wear gold or a champagne shade. Instead of having them carry normal floral bouquets, brooch bouquets add an interesting element of whimsy. Your groom will take care of gifts for his guys, but you’ll want something Cinderella-esque for the ladies. Satin gloves or a string of pearls are great options.

Engagement & Wedding Photos

If you get engaged in the Autumn, have your engagement photos taken in a pumpkin patch, specifically around white ghost pumpkins. You can also coordinate a rags-to-riches series of photos. The bride-to-be can start off in a basic house dress and have a scarf holding her hair back. Then, she can be dressed in a fancier gown. In the last photo, the groom-to-be can be chasing her up the steps as one of her shoes is left behind. Add to this theme by having a few friends involved in the photos to act as the evil stepmother and stepsisters as well as the coachmen and fairy Godmother.
At the wedding, two bridesmaids can stand behind the bride. Have them whisper to each other to look like Cinderella’s stepsisters. In another photo, the bride and groom can pose with regal crows on their head. You can also have some photos taken with the bride and the bridesmaids wearing and holding masks like you’d wear to a masquerade ball.
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Bridal Gifts & Guest Favors

The groom isn’t going to be as into the Cinderella theme as the bride, which means that his groom’s gifts can stay on the more traditional side. For the bride, though, a Cinderella-inspired bridal gift will really add to the entire day. Consider getting a jewelry box shaped like a pumpkin carriage, a keepsake glass slipper or a glass slipper pendant.
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Give guests small, vintage-style clocks. You can also give each guest a Renaissance-style champagne glass. Glass slipper candy holders will look pretty on the reception tables and be useful back at home.

Even More Ideas

There are two ideal reception venues for a Cinderella wedding: a castle, or, second to that, a romantic ballroom. Wherever you book your big day, make sure there are large chandeliers overhead.

  • Have guests sign an oversized “story book” guest book.
  • The bride should undoubtedly make a grand entrance. Walk down a spiral staircase, have pageboys escort you or be announced by a trumpeter.
  • After the ceremony, give guests paper cones with rose petals to shower the couple with.
  • During cocktail hour, have a harpist or string quartet play.


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