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Avoid These Winter Wedding Mistakes

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Getting married before the freeze thaws? Just got engaged and planning on tying the knot this time next year? The idea of a wintertime wedding may be charming (snowflake ornaments as favors, a Christmas tree in the ballroom) or perilous (slipping on ice in stilettos, the DJ playing way too much holiday music). There are certainly perks to getting hitched when baby, it’s cold outside, like lower rates from vendors and escaping to a warm island for your ten-day honeymoon. Just make sure to avoid these common mistakes many winter brides unfortunately make.

1. Thinking inside-the-box when it comes to your color scheme.

Just because it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you’re resigned to either a red and green (yuck!) or blue and white color scheme. While you may want winter white splattered across every tabletop and bouquet, don’t be afraid of injecting a pop of color. Deep navy blue, gemstone shades like emerald green or metallics look beautiful during the wintertime. You don’t even need all-over color if you want to keep the decor primarily stark – just use a boost in the bouquets, linens or wedding party attire.
Photo courtesy of Make It Luxe. Photo courtesy of Make It Luxe. Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

2. Agreeing to the church’s own holiday decor.

If you really don’t love the fake poinsettias on the altar and gaudy Christmas wreath that’s hanging above the doorway, ask nicely to have them taken down for your wedding day. Replace these decorations with your own – just remember to have somebody un-decorate after the ceremony.
Photo courtesy of Weddit. Photo courtesy of Weddit.

3. Pretending there definitely won’t be a blizzard.

Thanks to global warming, it’s been almost spring-like for most of December. Why bother having a backup plan in the unlikely event of inclement weather? I’ll tell you why: Murphy’s Law practically guarantees that even if the days before and after your wedding are in the 60s and sunny, it’s still going to snow – heavily – on your wedding day. Okay, so it’s not an exact science, but you really do need to plan for the unexpected. Map out alternative routes for you and your guests in case roads are closed, send everyone your Maid of Honor’s cell number for an emergency “hotline” and bring along an umbrella the day of.
Photo courtesy of Tutto Gratis. Photo courtesy of Tutto Gratis.

4. Not preparing for heavy, bulky coats.

This tip is two-fold. For one, you have to factor in outwear for your bridesmaids for the wedding day. Each girl should have the same pashmina, shrug or cardigan that complements their dress and will keep them warm while outside. Second, you need a coat check for your guests. Otherwise, there won’t be anywhere to stash their coats during the reception and you definitely don’t want them slung over the backs of their chairs for photos.

5. Ruining your satin heels in the snow.

Your photographer’s going to encourage you to brave the chill for a few moments while he takes photos in the idyllic outdoor setting. Don’t ruin your $500 satin heels in slush and snow. Pack snow boots and either purposely show them off for the shot or cover them up with your dress.
Photo courtesy of Intimate Weddings. Photo courtesy of Intimate Weddings.

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