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Baby Mohammad

Baby Mohammad sleeping soundly
One of the awesome things of living in Vancouver is the ethnic and religious diversity of the city. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings that we can have a Muslim family, a Hindu and a Christian together in the same studio to celebrate the live of a baby boy, and create some art in the process.
Mohammad is not only their first son (after two baby girls), but also the first child born on Canadian soil. Incorporating Canadian elements into the shoot was very important for the parents.
If course, one has to be culturally sensitive when doing shoots like this, and being a photographer couple totally helps at times:  While it is absolutely ok for Maik to setup the sets (like the hanging set below), and photograph the boy while Nirvana functions as “baby wrangler”, Maik has to leave the room while Nirvana takes the family pictures, allowing mom to uncover and apply makeup.
In case you were wondering: The “Canadian elements” were added as style elements to the final album…
Baby Mohammad sleeping soundly in a white net-cloth swing

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