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Backcountry Wedding Shoot

As Vancouver Wedding Photographers, we are always aiming to push the envelope to provide our couples with unique experiences. Vancouver. With the nickname, “Hollywood North,” Vancouver blesses us the honour to create many varieties of wedding photographs so why not cease the opportunity? We are, after all, in Vancouver BC, one of the most gorgeous places on Earth!
In this instance, we obtained two helicopters for our bride and groom. One helicopter for the actual photo shoot and the other to film the process of our entire operation. It’s not everyday we get the chance to fly  in a helicopter so we had a blast! After flying out to Sandpiper Golf Course in Vancouver,  we took some standard shots  before heading out into the mountains for the stylish scene. The newly-wed moment between the couple was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are so privileged to be the one to seal it up with a unique, one of a kind photo shoot for them! The photographs were all specially customized for the loving couple that nobody else has… Just like they were specially made for each other and nobody else can duplicate it!
With the versatility of Vancouver, almost any theme of your imagination can be recreated via photography. If you could have your photographs taken anywhere in Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where would YOU like to go???

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