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10 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Wedding Flowers

With wedding planning craziness, it’s overwhelming that items on your “To Do” list also have subcategories to keep straight. However, preventing problems is a lot easier than dealing with them when they arise, especially when your wedding day is fast approaching. Follow these tips for working with your florist and avoid ten major issues that many brides have come up against in the past.

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Hear About Laura & Daryn's Vancouver Wedding Photography Experience

Laura & Daryn are such a nice couple, and we were very fortunate to not only photograph their wedding, but also now call them friends. They volunteered to talk a bit about their experience with us, how we met, their journey with us leading up to the wedding, and their overall experience. So, without further ado, here we go.

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15 Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how perfectly you think you plan your wedding, there are undoubtedly going to be at least a couple of things that go completely haywire. It’s inevitable that something’s going to surprise you, drive you nuts or cause a problem during your ceremony or reception. Try to avoid these fifteen common pitfalls that far too many couples have been the victims of.

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How to Have Kids at Your Wedding and Still Avoid Catastrophes

Kids are probably not going to care about the father-daughter dance or quietly listen to the toasts. Adorable wedding pictures of the Flower Girl or Ring Bearer don’t tell the whole tale. What wedding couples typically don't show you is that three hours later the little princess and prince are throwing handfuls of cake at each other on the dance floor

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