Rant: Marketing and Sales Speak

It always amazes me what companies are willing to do to get your business. I totally get that you want to present your product in the best possible light (who wouldn't?), but there is a big fat glow-in-the-dark line between "talking it up" and outright lying to the customer.

This is by no means limited to the photography market, but sometimes you can only shake your head at what sales people at some camera stores are willing to tell a customer just to close a sale.

Roger over at Lensrentals.com recently wrote a nice - and amusing - piece on the subject called "Say Whaaat"

Camera and lens manufacturers employ teams of professionals to write their copy, and others to edit it dozens of times. At least you would think they did. But what they actually publish is often a combination of market-speak, outright lies, and sometimes just oddly puzzling (and often funny) gibberish. Here’s a few claims that I’ve run across in the last few days, all taken from the manufacturer’s web sites....

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