Gadget Monday: Micromuff On-Camera Windshield

Image curtesy of Micromuff

Spoiler Alert

It works (quite well actually), it's cheap inexpensive,  it looks... hmmmm.... "different" and is, since you should generally try and stay away from on-board microphones - otherwise a more or less useless gadget.


What is it?

It's basically a Dead Kitten for your on-camera microphon: A furry wind screen with the intend to filter out wind noise.


The Good

Ok, lets assume for a second that you have no other choice but to use your on-board microphone. You don't have an external mic, or an external recorder, not even your IPhone. Outside. In the wind. But... lucky you: You brought the <$20 Micromuff, which you velcrow easily around your build-in mic. The velcro is pretty much invisible once you take the little critter off, so no worries there.

I admit it, I was suprised by how well it works. Wind noise is, indeed, filtered out almost completely, within reason of course.

It comes in a cute, retro looking little cardboard box. and will make actually a cute gift for a fellow photographer, or a or a give away, stocking stuffer, etc.

The Bad

This is more of a gimmick, rather than a product for serious DSLR video. Aside from that, there is nothing wrong with this product.


It's a cute gimmick, and does what it claims to do. It's fair priced. It's also not going to make your build-in audio any better. The choice is yours....

Image curtesy of Micromuff