Pocket Wizzard Plus 3

Photo Curtesy of Pocket WizzardThe B&H site has two nicely written reviews of the new PocketWizard Plus® III radio trigger.

The posts are great for those of you looking to get familiar with all the Plus III has to offer photographers.

Sam Mallery posted an overview of the new features. His posts is great for those of you new to radio triggers, wanting to get a quick overview of it's features and why you might want to look into one of these puppies.

Grant Willing also wrote a hands-on review of the Plus III. This post is a more technical, with a breakdown of the increased channels to the Long Range and Repeater Modes.

Less technical, and more entertaining, is Joe MCNally's dragster shoot

However, the best review so far - in my humble opinion - has been done by "Strobist" David Hobby and can be found here