A Taste Of India - Food

Well, it looks like this time's article title is quite apt, considering the topic in hand. Food has always been a word that has brought comforting thoughts to one’s mind. Who can resist a particularly good looking dish when it’s place in front of us? Photographers around the world have for long realized the visual appeal of food, and have made a whole specialization out of capturing its enigma. Food photography has been a popular way of attracting people’s attention to advertisements, restaurants and books. Here, I talk about the visual appeal of Indian food, or as we call it, food!


Photo courtesy of Kim Grubb

It’s definitely a misconception that all Indian food is spicy, but it is certainly true that dish is prepared with a variety of spices and herbs. Some of these spices are the most potent in the world, and interestingly enough, many possess medicinal and healing properties. They are also rich in color, something that has always interested photographers.


Photo courtesy of Lori Maffei

As mentioned earlier, the thought that Indian food is always spicy is a major misconception. With all the unique regions found in the country, the food varies to a great extent. The south sees a lot of preparations using coconut and sea food, whereas the north boasts of its red meat and vegetable preparations. Traditionally, a meal (regardless of the region it belongs to), must be balanced. In this way, if some item is spicy, there is another which neutralizes its effect. These items are visually different as well. However, they create a visual balance too. The bright colors of the spice and the earthy colors of the neutralizer always work well together.


Photo courtesy of Indian Simmer

Isn’t it lovely when a picture feels so close to reality that you almost reach out and touch out of instinct? That is the true test of good food photography, I would think. Indian food has always incorporated a wide array of vegetables in its platter, which are cooked in a manner to retain their nutrients. It could be called a vegetarian’s paradise! A situation as such could also be looked as in the positive light (pun intended) by photographers, as they get an opportunity to capture different textures mixed together beautifully.


Photo courtesy of ShahooPhotography and art often become synonyms of one another. One tries to mimic the other in many instances, further strengthening their relation. In food photography, patterns created by food is often noticed and captured. It is a way to enhance the visual beauty of the product. In Indian food, it is customary to create a plate using different elements of the meal. This is called a thali, and it contains everything from the legume soup to be had before the mains, to the dessert that marks its completion. These elements create a mix of patterns that are always interesting to explore through the lens.

Priya Savoor