Creative Photography Showcase #3: Not Your Typical Food Photography Project by Klaus Pichler

Wait. This isn’t what I ordered.

On today’s menu we recommend the masterful still-life photographs of food by Klaus Pichler, a fresh view on a global issue with a side of mold and rot. Bon apetit!

Fruit Cake (deep frozen)

Food waste is a serious issue around the world and Klaus Pichler wants to raise awareness on this matter through a photojournalism project that might turn your stomach, but also change something in you, hopefully. It is directly link to our individual habits of consumption - we constantly demand for more and more, therefore food companies do their best to respond and even exceed our expectations. The amount of food that is wasted on a daily basis could save some of the almost a billion people who are threatened by starvation.

According to a UN study one third of the world’s food goes to waste – the largest part thereof in the industrialized nations of the global north. Equally, 925 million people around the world are threatened by starvation. The series ‘One Third’ describes the connection between individual wastage of food and globalized food production.

Rotting food, arranged into elaborate still lifes, portrays an abstract picture of the wastage of food whilst the accompanying texts take a more in depth look at the roots of this issue.
‘One Third’ goes past the sell by date in order to document the full dimensions of the global food waste.


Each photograph has a complete description on the harvest of food: the place of production, cultivation method, time of harvest, transporting distance and means of transportation, carbon footprint and water requirement, and, ultimately, the price. The shots are all minimalist, shot in the studio against a plain, dark background. As you can see, the light is absolutely admirable: notice the perfect exposure that enhances the strong contrasts and gives you a very “real” feeling of texture and even smell. All wrapped up so beautifully you almost forget you’re looking at rotten food.


Barbecue Sausage