The Candlelight Experiment: Canon vs Canon vs Nikon

Here we are again, with yet another comparison video in the Canon vs Nikon series. This time we’re looking at NoFilmSchool’s candlelight experiment, for which they used the Canon 5D Mark II vs the Mark III vs The Nikon D800 with a beautiful model in a dark room.

As far as the specifications go, they used only one lens for each camera, the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 lens with default profiles and no noise reduction whatsoever. The F-stop stayed the same throughout the shootings at F/1.4 with a shutter speed of 50. The experiment started off at ISO 500, which was basically the lowest value that led to a somewhat decent image, and ended at ISO 25,600. Let’s see how it went.

I personally believe that Nikon performed best, at least until they hit ISO 8000 when the picture got a bit too noisy for my taste. However, by ISO 10,000 I started to like the smoothness and color tones of the Canon 5D Mark III, which are definitely more realistic than the ones on the D800. In the end, the Canon 5D Mark III wins the low light performance battle with amazing results at ISO 25,600, while Nikon gets a well deserved second place for its performance at lower ISO values.

Read more about this experiment and the results on NoFilmSchool’s website.

Bonus Part

Here's a very fun, "completely unbiased" video made by crisislab on a shootout between the Canon 5D Mark III versus the Nikon D800. Spoiler alert: Craigslist strippers, gunshots, the baby test and some severly bad language. Oh, and Canon lovers, please make sure you're sitting while watching this.