A Taste Of India - Tamil Nadu

As we move across the peninsular of India with our camera strapped across our chests, we make our way to Tamil Nadu, the second state to form the tip of the country. Our journey has just about begun, but with a clear idea of our mission, which is to capture the best out there, we are anything but weary. In an attempt to try and look at situations in a unique perspective, I figured it would be interesting to relate this post to the five elements of nature, and associate them with the southern state of Tamil Nadu. So, here goes.


Photo courtesy of Kumar

Perhaps the most beautiful representation of earth in Tamil Nadu is Thirucharanathumalia. This tiny hillock is known best for the ancient temple that almost looks like it has sprouted out of the ground. The structure was made to become a part of the land, being in complete harmony with the broken rocks and breathtaking landscape that surrounds it. 


Photo courtesy of Prakash

The Tamil festival of Pongal is a series of religious functions worshiping the Sun god, Surya. As a result, fire holds an important part in the rituals. The winter harvest is celebrated, and the Sun god is thanked for all his blessings by presenting him with the first grains of the harvest. This is done by throwing it into fire. Another ritual is the boiling over of milk, symbolizing the abundance of household supplies. The festival also marks the end of winter, and the warming of the season with the Sun moving towards the equinox.


Photo courtesy of Kumar

Tamil Nadu is also known for harnessing wind energy, and contributes the most in the generation of wind power in the country. The Muppandal wind farm is the largest in the country, and apart from its efficiency, it is also quite a sight. The white wind turbines contrasting the plush green surroundings make quite the composition.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Water is probably the most important element of nature, considering that it constitutes a little more than 70% of the world’s surface! A good location to capture its beauty in Tamil Nadu is the Emerald Lake. Surrounded by tea plantations on all sides, this lake is also a perfect spot to set up the camera and click the fauna, as the waters are filled with different varieties of fish and the region is home to many bird species.


Photo courtesy of Tamil Spider

According to ancient science, aether (or ether) is the substance that fills the sky and the vast universe beyond it. So, it is only fitting that it be associated with the tip of the state, called Kanyakumari. This is also the edge of the country, and a scenic beauty for all to witness. The spot marks the joining of the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Mannar and the Indian Ocean, and the rocky shore balances the constantly shifting waves. The most sought after sight, however, is the sunset. Watching the Sun go down beyond a beautifully blue horizon is a humbling feeling, and capturing it is to hold on to a piece of that very experience.

The five elements are what make everything we see around us, and capture so magnificently. So the next time you find yourself making a frame of some really interesting subjects, think about which elements make the composition you desire. Believe me; it will make the shot even more interesting.