A Taste of India – Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India, quite literally! It is situated in the center of peninsular India and is home to a rich heritage that defines the country. The architecture of these heritage sites not only add to the scenic beauty of the area, but also tell an interesting story of its past. Here, I give you three such sites, each unique in its characteristics, yet complimenting the others perfectly to create interest in the minds of the viewer. Hold on to your equipment as we take a journey back!


Photo courtesy of WikipediaPhoto courtesy of Wikipedia

Located in the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh, this archeological site holds proof of the earliest traces of human life in India, with cave paintings dating back to the Paleolithic Age. These paintings depict the everyday lives of the people who originally inhabited the caves, showing events such as childbirth, hunting, dancing, religious rituals and the environment around them. So remarkable are the tools and materials used to compose these works of art that the colors are still vibrant after so many years!


Photo courtesy of Skyscraper CityPhoto courtesy of WikipediaThe Khajuraho temples are probably the most famous of the heritage sites in the region. A group of temples incorporating similar architectural style, these monuments are known for the ornate carvings that make them. Some of them show humans in erotic poses, which have for long captured the attention of archeologists from all over the world. The others show humans in everyday life, and deities of worship on the walls of the temples.


Photo courtesy of Poorna and BrindaPhoto courtesy of Wikipedia

The Stupa at Sanchi is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site, and also the oldest stone structure in India. It was built during the rule of Asoka in the 3rd century BC. It consists of a hemispherical dome that encapsulates the relics of the Buddha. The crown on the dome honors the relics, as do the intricately carved entrances to the stupa.

Here we are at the center of India, and I hope your journey has been enjoyable so far. The journey is far from complete but it has been a pleasure unraveling the many elements that make this country, and presenting them to you and your lenses.