Maria’s Food Photography Recap

We’ve talked quite a bit about food photography and I’m hoping I’ve given you some useful tips to help you either become a better food photographer, or maybe just give it a shot in the near future.

Let’s take a look at some inspiring videos on food photography that will help us recap what we have learned so far.

Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots from Nicole Young on Vimeo.

Food is a challenging subject because we’re so used to smelling and tasting what we eat, but with photography we can only rely on our sense of sight. If food looks appetizing in a photograph, we’re tricked into believing that it tastes good, too.


How to shoot Food Photography - a food photographers experience from Powerhouse Photography on Vimeo.

The photographer’s job on the food shoot is to bring that food to life. The most important way of doing that is through good lighting.

Notice how he creates multiple small sources of light using mirrors. And feel free to drop your jaw at their amazingly complete props department. And, of course, a final reminder that food photograph is a selling business, not art. Your pictures have to make the customer want to buy the food, not just nod in approval of your creativity.

Fstoppers Original: Lee Morris Shoots Oak Steakhouse from FStoppers on Vimeo.

This video is another great one by FStoppers, who filmed the behind the scenes of a food photo shooting at a Steakhouse. It's very inspiring, so listen and watch closely, as both the cook and the photographer give some extremely helpful tips on how to organize your own shooting.

And really, here's the thing to do with shooting food: take a look at it, develop it, sit back and the next day when you're done shooting, does it make you wanna eat it. 

Now, a very explicit video tutorial on how to photograph glassware and beverages, which we have already covered in a previous article. Jeff Shaffer shows precicely how to set up your studio for beverage shootings and how to place your lights and distance your camera.

Lighting Glassware from Jeff Shaffer on Vimeo.


And, finally, a video by Sony (we'll ignore their shameless self promotion) that takes you through the very basics of food photography. You'll notice that the photographer will even show you some tips on shooting with a non-DSLR camera, which is actually a good thing to know because the rules are practically the same.