Maria’s Food Photography Tips: Olympics Bonus

We all know athletes have a lot on their plates, so let's take a closer look at what their meals look like. UK designer Sarah Parker and photographer Michael Bodiam decided to take a peek at what keeps a hygh caliber athlete going every day, with the help of diets olympian nutritionist Dan Benardot

Female hammer thrower:

Photo courtesy of Michael Bodiam

The project playfully shows you the amounts of food athletes need to consume in order to be in their best shape. Since a 2000+ calories diet couldn't possibly fit on a regular plate, the artists took their ideas to a larger scale and worked with huge plates and cutlery, resulting in a strikingly clean composition. 

Female 100m sprinter:

Photo courtesy of Michael Bodiam

Female artistic gymnast:

Photo courtesy of Michael Bodiam

I wanted to show you this project because this is so different from what we have previously discussed. With a little imagination and curiosity, you too can come up with such original ideas and transform them in amazing photographs, starting from the tips and tricks you already know.