Dixie Dixon shoots for Magpul

I am not a fan of guns... at all! As such, I always roll my eyes at the cheesy calendars with scantily clad girls posing with various firearms. To each their own...

However, I AM a big fan of Dixie Dixon, and I have been following her work ever since I met her at WPPI in Vegas. I like her down-to-earth attitude, the way she interacts with her subjects, and I envy her insane eye and talent for fashion photography.

I was a bit surprised to see her taking on the role of Director of Photography for Magpul’s 2014 Calendar. A job is a job I guess. However, I may be biased, but I do think she adds a level of professionalism and class to that genre. Dixie’s sophistication and style is a refreshing departure from a genre typically shot far too often through the male lens.

I am still not buying the calendar, though...

Quote from the YouTube video:

For this year's calendar we opened up the armory and hired best in the fashion industry to push the boundaries a bit of what is expected for a Magpul Calendar.

To be honest we weren't too sure how it was going to turn out, but as the photo shoot progressed we started to realize that this calendar was something special.

The guns looked good and the girls looked great, but there was a sophistication to the photography that had broad appeal beyond the regular "girls with guns" calendars we had done in the past.

From a gritty warehouse shot is a shady part of town with the Ronin Motorcycle to an ultra modern house with backlit plastic walls, all the photographs were shot on location. No studio shots with added backgrounds were used in this Calendar.

Even the cover photo, our model, wearing a designer dress while holding a vintage 1921 Colt Thompson sub machine gun, actually walked down a closed off downtown Dallas street to get the shot.

The result is a calendar with some unexpected visual and artistic elements exhibiting the Magpul touch, presented in a package with broad appeal with timeless iconic photography.

Find Dixie on twitter at @iamdixiedixon and on her blog.