Phase One Now Offers Introductory App

Image curtesy of Phase One Software

Following suit with the trend of offering "entry level" versions of high end product (see Photoshop Elements, etc), high-end photography developer Phase One released Capture One Express 7, raw image processing and  editing software that offers features of its latest full package for a lower cost.

We use Capture One Pro sucessfully for many years in the studio, predominantly for product photography and teathered shooting, and we absolutely love it!

Express includes many of the advanced features found in Capture One Pro 7, such as the outstanding raw engine, noise reduction, detail recovery in shadows and highlights, and black and white conversions. However, feature we love in teh studio, and always found to be superior to competing products such as Lightroom, are missing. Especially teathered shooting and "Capture Pilot" (which allows you to use your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to wirelessly view) are reserved for the pro version.

The $99 software is therefore geared more towards the dedicated hobbyist, who "appreciate the increased image quality and flexibility of shooting raw".