Arrived at WPPI


This year, we decided to arrive at WPPI earlier than usual, to spend some time networking and use the time as a retreat to do some business planning.

Let me tell you: For WPPI, staying at the MGM signature (as opposed to the "MGM Grand") is money well spend: It is much(!) closer to the events, the room is amazing, with enough space to do proper work and host people for interviews and networking, and it has a full kitchen which saves a ton of money.

I can't stress this enough for new WPPI attendants: The biggest cost factors for attending the conference are food and drinks - eating out every day will get very(!) expensive very(!) fast. Having a kitchen to prepare your meals is an absolute must have.

So, after editing the last two shoots on the plane and settle in our room yesterday, we did a grocery run to stock up for the week, had a walk around the promises where we ran into Sal Cincotta and Zack Arias. Sometimes it's hard to be professional and not to go all fan-boy on people :-)

Today it's back to work... stay tuned