An Introduction Tidbit from Yours Truly

Meet Roxas, another loyal team member of the blogging department. Position: Executive Office Assistant. Primary duties include document shredding, paper weight role, and counter-production.

Hello, Vancouver! My name is Jeanne Chung and I write some of the blogging projects for Nirvana Photography Studios, one of Vancouver's finest Wedding Photography studios here in the Lower Mainland. As to how a random Surrey gal like me come to meet such generous Wedding Photographers all the way in Gastown, Vancouver? Let me tell you how...

With a bumpy ride through therapy working on my anxiety and depression, I was attempting to launch my career into the performing arts back in March earlier this year. Through random browsing Craigslist, I came across NPS's ad looking for an Asian model. Although the gig didn't fall through for me, they were so generous and gave me a chance to prove myself through blogging! So here I am. Given a voice in the digital world out of the blue, I cannot express exactly how thankful I am to be part of the NPS operation.

I've got to hand it to these guys... How far the distance they go to create the most amazing experiences for their clients is just.... WOW. In the beginning I thought they only go as far as snapping random momentary shots at wedding ceremonies and receptions. I was SO wrong! From built from scratch sets to helicopter shoots... Till this day, I am still mind blown... I am not saying this to promote them or to hope for a raise! Their work promotes for themselves with ease. Like the title says, this is just an introduction as to how I've personally come to being in your presence, Vancouver!