Lest not burn...

Go! Screen refillable and recyclable dispensers . Non-toxic to humans and aquatic life.

Image Courtesy of BabyZone.com

In the beautiful summer of Vancouver, Wedding and Engagement Photographers are high in demand. Why? The answer is obvious, of course! The sun is shining over the lower mainland of BC. The monarch butterflies are back visiting Vancouver again. Flowers are in full bloom covering all of Vancouver. Not a snow jacket in sight... Oh, and more sun, by the way!

With such warm weather, and having to stand under the sun during photo shoots, ladies, we know it's tough to keep that T-zone appealingly dry on top of a layer of greasy, sticky sun screen lotion. Blegh!

GO!screen is applied clear and able to be worn under or over makeup. Not only it provides immediate, UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection results, but also easy to carry with no spill worries. 

Image Courtesy of Go! Screen

Introducing Go! Screen, a natural, brush-on, sunscreen that leaves no greasiness... anywhere! This stuff is amazing and here are some (but not all) reasons why Go! Screen is a must have especially during Weddings and Photo shoots in the outdoors of Vancouver.

  • Effective instantly upon contact
  • Ideal for sensitive skin (especially face area)
  • Small and compact without spill worries
  • No greasy application and burning eyes
  • Perfect for anyone and everyone including babies 6 months and up
  • Matte finish every time with/without and under/over makeup
  • Lasts over 300 applications per bottle/brush
  • Great scalp screen since it goes on clear

For more information, visit www.ilovegoscreen.com

Let's keep our T-zones dry! Lest not burn, either!