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Bridal lingerie collections for your wedding day and honeymoon

We all know that when your wedding day is over, what’s underneath that fabulous bridal gown counts. We are sure that you want to look your best on the wedding night and on your honeymoon, so the first thing you should do is to pay proper attention when choosing your lingerie.
Luckily, these days a lot of designers have their own bridal lingerie collection, making it easier for you to choose, without the need to search among hundreds of lingerie pieces. But in order to find what fits you best, you should know where to look and what to look for.
First of all, you should know that even though your wedding dress is spectacular, what’s underneath it could make you feel even more confident and good about yourself. For that, your lingerie should be sexy but also comfortable and functional. Secondly, your wedding lingerie doesn’t have to be white, you could choose ivory, beige, peach or nude pink, but it definitely has to be feminine and pretty. You can save the more provocative and sexy pieces of lingerie for the honeymoon.
There are a lot of lingerie pieces you could get for your honeymoon, like bras, panties, corsets, stockings or pantyhose, garters, chemises or robes. This way you can mix them up and get a different look every night on your honeymoon.
Victoria’s Secret, the famous lingerie brand has a special collection dedicated to brides. Although she has some colored pieces too, the main color of the collection is the white. She mixes a lot of see-through tulle and lace with silk, satin and best quality nylon and polyester, creating some beautiful, feminine and sensual lingerie pieces. The great thing about Victoria’s Secret lingerie is that almost every piece is adjustable, from bras to panties and baby dolls.

Photo courtesy of theuncommonevent

Photo courtesy of onewed

Photo courtesy of victoria’s secret

Stella McCartney unveiled her first bridal lingerie collection recently, using satin and lace fabrics. Her designs come in gift boxes inscribed with “Here comes the bride”. She goes from champagne delicate shades to more daring and provocative pieces in red and black.

Photo courtesy of vogue

Photo courtesy of vogue

Another world-wide brand that has a great selection of bridal lingerie is Agent Provocateur. Its pieces are a bit more daring, but perfect for your honeymoon.  You’ll find the perfect mixture of great quality fabrics and provocative designs. Since mint green is the new color for wedding dresses, they have prepared some mint lingerie pieces too.

Photo courtesy of agentprovocateur

Photo courtesy of agentprovocateur

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