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Bridal Wedding Gowns and Tips for Expectant Brides-to-Be

One of the most beautiful traits of a bride is her radiant glow, and today’s pregnant brides have an absolutely beautiful aura.  The days of hiding the pregnancy until after the wedding are long gone, and the baby is very much recognized as a couple’s love and commitment.  There is a sense of overwhelming joy and pregnant brides with their magnificent hair, skin and nails that illuminate during pregnancy radiate like storybook magic as they walk down the aisle for two.
“Shotgun” weddings and “quick” elopes for pregnant brides are no longer the standard wedding tradition for expectant brides.  This year’s fashions for expectant brides are absolutely stunning for every stage of the pregnancy for brides.  The question for most pregnant brides is “how do I plan a wedding when I am pregnant?”  The body is changing quickly, and there is more than just the wedding gown modification, there are a few others, so let’s start with fashions, and then move on to some helpful tips.

Wedding Gowns

When you shop and select your wedding gown, the most important consideration will be to keep in mind that your body is going to change, and the change from one trimester to the next can be dramatic. You’ll want to first decipher how pregnant you will be on your wedding day, as this is will influence your shape and style of your dress, as well as, the size.  Also, you’ll want to be sure that you work with a shop that orders the gown as close to the mark as possible to ensure you have the correct size.  If you are having your dress made, then your fitting will be close to your wedding day.
The empire line, with all its intricate detail at the top of the gown is a beautiful choice in a maternity bridal gown, and one that flows nicely over the “baby bump”.   The sheath style dress, and full gown ball dress are also options, as well as, wedding gowns that are custom made. Also think about the fabrics.  The fabric gives a certain style to the gown.
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Courtesy of Beat Bride
Courtesy of Beat Bride
Courtesy of Beat Bride
Courtesy of Bridal Expo Chicago

Courtesy of Bridal Expo Chicago
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Courtesy of Bubbly Bride
As you see from the photos, the designs are fabulous.  Many the wedding gowns also have a low, round neck which proportions the body nicely over the baby bump.  You’ll see that most of the neck lines are somewhat low, as anything too high disproportions the body, and the flow of the dress is hindered.

Other Considerations

Each woman dreams of being a radiant bride. For the expectant mother your dreams and emotions are a bit more extended as it is the beginning of your lives together and your family together, and, although expectant, as you can see from the styles, you can look and feel your best.  Pregnant brides are beautiful, and there is such joy and love that generates.  There are a few considerations, and modifications you may have to make, but no matter how small or large, they are all doable, and all set the perfect glow for your wedding day.


Some brides experience feet swelling, and you may have to modify the style of your shoes, as well.  Find comfortable shoes with a heel height that allow you to enjoy the entire day.  Many brides also experience a change in shoe size while they are pregnant, so this is something you’ll want to consider.  Also, it is highly advised to have an extra pair of equally comfortable shoes handy.


Rest will be another consideration.  The wedding panning is stressful and being pregnant is an emotional time.  Your hormones may have you high one moment and in tears the net.  Take the time to allow yourself plenty of rest, and don’t sweat the small stuff.  Fatigue may be a big factor for you during the wedding, especially if the day is long.  Be sure to have plenty of water, and a bathroom that is easily accessible at the reception.

Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress that is flattering will help you to feel great; and, not as difficult as you may have imagined.  Depending at how far along you are, you may be able to shop at a regular bridal gown store; if you are further along, then you’ll want to shop at a maternity bridal shop.

Wedding Ceremony

One of the first things you’ll want to find out is whether the officiant or the organization you hope to use will allow the wedding.  While it may be a declaration of love, some churches do not allow a wedding with a pregnant bride.   Some religious sites object to expectant brides, so this is one of the first things you’ll want to take care of.
Some churches may require pre-martial counseling.
Also, keep in mind that your feet may swell, and it is not unusual for the baby to strain the bladder, making frequent trips to the restroom necessary.  Taking these two factors into consideration, you might want to plan for a shorter ceremony.

Wedding Rings

The belly is not the only area that will change in size.  The further along you get, the more your fingers will tend to swell.  Consider “mock” wedding rings, which will be used for the time of the pregnancy.  Here you might ask your parents if they have your grandfather’s wedding band, if he is no longer with you, which is a great stand-in for your real wedding ring.

Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding topper is another obstacle you may run into, as you’ll find most are not designed for expectant brides.  The Magic Mud has a variety of custom made wedding toppers that are ideal.


When you are pregnant, there are foods you are sensitive to, and you’ll want to ensure that you have suitable alternatives available for you on the menu.  A few things you won’t be able to enjoy are alcohol, soft cheese, raw fish and seafood, as well as, anything else your doctor advises against.


Being pregnant is one of the happiest times in a woman’s life; and marrying her soul mate is another.  The day is a joyous day, but you may run into guests who just don’t seem to want to “stop” asking questions, which can be quite tiring.  If you find this happens, be gracious, “smile” and just walk away.  It is your day; don’t let anyone spoil your happiness!


The honeymoon is a special time in a couple’s life, and for expectant brides, it should be a time when you deserve to double the pampering.  Choose a honeymoon that not only offers the getaway you plan on, but be sure to choose one that offers plenty of peace, quiet and pampering, as well.
If your honeymoon requires air travel, be sure to check with the airline to make certain that they allow you to fly during your stage of pregnancy.
Today it is not unusual for modern couples to become pregnant before the “walk down the aisle”, and you’ll find that attitudes have changed in all generations- when there’s love, there is happiness.
Your wedding day is a day of overwhelming emotion for any bride, and for you, as an expectant bride, there is that much more to celebrate.
Congratulations on your new lives together- to the three of you!
Courtesy of Bridal Expo Chicago

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