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Bring Your Photographer to Your Destination Wedding

Photo courtesy of Wedding Light Paris
A wedding with warm weather, guaranteed sun and soft, sandy beaches may seem like a fantasy wedding. It’s certainly challenging in the Pacific Northwest. However, a destination wedding may give you just want you want. You can choose to invite only your closest friends and family, and pick from numerous warm destinations. Even in the winter months, you can find a place where you can swim with dolphins.
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However, there are challenges to a destination wedding. Many aspects are difficult to plan from afar. It’s often hard to find someone who speaks English and if you opt for a pre-planned wedding package, you might not be getting exactly what you want. This may be tolerable for some things. Your flowers may not be perfect, but they will wilt away and your cake may be dry, but this will also pass. One thing you don’t want to be disappointed in is your wedding photography. This is what you will show to your family and friends for years. All the people who didn’t make it to the destination wedding will want to relive it through your photos.
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If you are using a pre-selected photographer that is part of a wedding package, you won’t know exactly what you are getting. The same goes for trying to find a local photographer yourself. They may not be as reliable as you need or even speak English very well and their talent can range considerably.

Photo courtesy of Dave and Charlotte
The best option is to bring a photographer with you. Research photographers in your area and find a photographer who appeals to you. Contact them to see if they do destination weddings. Many of them will, but they’ll need their time covered since they will be away for several days. Their travel and accommodations will also need to be paid for. Many photographers will organize a package for you, which includes all of their fees for a destination wedding. This will be more expensive, but it’s worth the cost. The money you would have spent feeding hundreds of local guests will probably be more than the photographer’s fees to accompany you to your destination. With this in mind, you probably wouldn’t spend more than you would for a local wedding.
Photo courtesy of One Fab Day
Photo courtesy of Dave and Charlotte
Your photographer will be able to take unique pictures of you at your destination. These types of pictures will stand out from anything you could have done at home. Swimming with the dolphins, strolling in Paris or dressing up in the clothes of the locals are just a few of the photos you can include in your album.
Photo courtesy of Dave and Charlotte

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