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23 Feb: "Photography Is For Pussies"

Everyone can take beautiful photos. It’s not that hard, really. However, taking good photos is really the starting point. Technical excellence is not the goal, it’s the beginning. the question is how can we elevate this craft. How can we create an experience for our clients that is so exceptional that they just can’t stop talking about it?

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05 Feb: 10 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Wedding Flowers

With wedding planning craziness, it’s overwhelming that items on your “To Do” list also have subcategories to keep straight. However, preventing problems is a lot easier than dealing with them when they arise, especially when your wedding day is fast approaching. Follow these tips for working with your florist and avoid ten major issues that many brides have come up against in the past.


31 Jan: 15 Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how perfectly you think you plan your wedding, there are undoubtedly going to be at least a couple of things that go completely haywire. It’s inevitable that something’s going to surprise you, drive you nuts or cause a problem during your ceremony or reception. Try to avoid these fifteen common pitfalls that far too many couples have been the victims of.