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Centerpieces for Foodies During Every Season

Has flipping through your stack of bridal magazines just left you more confused about what type of table decorations you want? Flowers and candles are undoubtedly lovely, but for a different type of table pizzazz, consider foodie centerpieces. Whether you want your guests to enjoy extra edibles or you just love how sliced citrus looks, these trimmings will appeal to your inner epicure.
If you’re having your wedding at a vineyard, arrange a few bottles of wine in a unique wine holder in the center of the table. You can also use a custom gift basket as the centerpiece, filled with chocolate, cheese or gourmet coffee.

Fruits, Veggies and Gourds

Lemons, limes and oranges, either whole or sliced, create an utterly charming warm-weather reception table. Display whole fruit in glass vases or pitchers of varying sizes. If you want to incorporate flowers, slice the fruit, plop it into a vase filled with ice water and then add flower stems. When the leaves start changing, pile bright red, green and yellow apples into a ceramic basket for a fall wedding.
If one of your wedding colors is green, use asparagus to complement the color scheme. Stand stalks of asparagus against the side of a tall, thick white candle and secure with a ribbon. For an autumn wedding, create a runner down the center of the table with pumpkins and gourds in varying shapes, sizes and colors.

Sweet Treats

Your centerpiece can double as dessert if it’s made from edible sweets. Just make sure everyone knows it’s hands-off until the end of the evening!

  • There’s no dessert prettier than colorful French macaroons. Pile them on silver trays or display them vertically on a cookie tree for your centerpiece.
  • For an enchanting country-style wedding, place delicious pies on ornamental cake stands. Ask the caterers to slice and serve when it’s time for dessert.
  • Skip a big wedding cake and have professionally-made miniature cakes or cupcakes arranged in the center of each table.
  • For a truly sugary centerpiece, fill glass candy jars with your favorite candies. The more winsome the better, so think oversized lollipops with pastel swirl designs, vividly colored jelly beans and strings of rock candy. Place a scoop in each jar and let guests fill up cellophane bags before they leave.

A Note on Seasonality

Just as you do when ordering your florals, pay attention to the seasonality of the foods you’re choosing. An apple centerpiece is adorably rustic, but if it’s not Autumn, they’re not going to taste so great. If you’re not going to let your guests munch on them, though, it shouldn’t matter. Think about the temperature, too. If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the summertime, candy centerpieces sound like a perfectly coordinated idea. Except, your candy’s going to melt and get sticky, which will look like a mess instead of sweetly feminine.

Food, Food Everywhere

Many brides worry that they’re going to have too much food left over if people don’t snack away on the centerpieces. In this case, you have a few options. You can give away some of the centerpieces at the end of the night. For example, if you have wine bottles as the centerpiece and a few haven’t been opened, ask the DJ to play a game with your guests to determine who gets to take a bottle home. You can also donate the food, depending on what it is. If you have apple centerpieces, you can definitely bag the fruit and take it to a shelter the next day.

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