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Classic Country Weddings

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Country weddings are often filled with natural light and wide, open spaces. They can symbolize rural life or traditional weddings. These weddings often feature nature, history and animals with a dollop of individual style. Barns, fields, old churches and backyards make great venues for a country wedding. From there, you can plan a wedding that is tailored to your personal style. You may want to talk to your photographer about getting some vintage-style photographs to get an old country wedding look.
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Country weddings are the only place where you’ll find cowboy boots, cowboy hats, vintage dresses, plenty of lace and vests all in one spot. The grooms may even have bolo ties. Grooms wear the traditional suit, suit with tails or dark jeans with a nice shirt. To make the suit more country, it is usually accompanied by cowboy boots and a hat. As usual, brides have more leeway. They can wear any dress they want and can accompany it with cowboy boots or a casual, country shawl. However, some country weddings have brides in vintage-style dresses. Country life is one that often embraces older traditions so a vintage dress fits right in. Vintage clothes look particularly nice in black and white or aged photos. If the wedding is at a venue with antiques, you can use these to add to the photos.
Photo courtesy of Fabulous Weddings
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Accents for the country wedding are nearly limitless. A homespun ring pillow, engraved guitars or saddles can all help pull the wedding together. You can add little details in your décor like a bride and groom on horses for a cake topper or guitar-shaped nametags. Natural rocks, wheat and branches work well as table toppers. For your photos, plan to have these accents included in the images to complete the look. Or have photos taken of your favorite items. These stand-alone photos can look great even without people in them and they work nicely in a wedding album. This is especially useful if each element is hard to include in individual photos.
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Along with the typical photos, you’ll want photos taken of all the little details in your wedding. A picture of the bridesmaid’s dresses and their cowboy boots is becoming a classic country wedding photo. The groomsmen with their hats tipped is another classic country photo. And of course, the bride and groom in a natural setting makes a perfect photo. Hay bales, dirt roads, bridges, sweeping trees, old benches, wildflowers, creeks, wagons, wagon wheels, boats, old cars and horse pastures also make great settings for country wedding photos. When planning your wedding, consider these photo settings to see if you can talk to your photographer about including them in your wedding photos.
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