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Co-ed Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

A co-ed bachelor/ette party sounds fun at first, until you realize how difficult it is to plan something that everyone will enjoy. Don’t nix the idea entirely, though. Instead, bat around these suggestions with your groom until you come up with a day – or weekend! – that the guys and girls will reminisce about for years to come.

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Perks of Planning a Co-Ed Bachelor-Bachelorette Party

Be prepared for your groom’s pals to roll their eyes at first when they hear about a co-ed party. Remind them, though, that just because the bride’s present, the single men aren’t required to be on their best behavior. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are the perfect time to let loose and celebrate before hectic, last-minute wedding preparations, and it’s no less fun to have everyone present and accounted for. Here are a few more perks to having a Jack and Jill party:

  • The whole, “But what really happened at your bachelor/ette party?” question will never, ever come up, which means that resentment won’t be bred.
  • If the bride and groom have mutual friends, everyone can spend time together instead of partying hard while apart.
  • Members of the bridal party can hang out and break the ice so that everyone’s familiar and friendly with each other on the day of the wedding.

Amusement Park

You’re never, ever too old to enjoy an amusement park and there are few outings more cheerful than a day spent acting like children. Pick a park that has everything from rides and games to shows and plenty of yummy food stands. Is the weather warming up? Pack a bathing suit and head to a water park for the afternoon, then go out for some grownup fun at night.

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Beach Bums

No matter where you live in the country, odds are that there’s some type of water nearby, whether it’s the ocean, a lake or just a family friend’s gorgeous in-ground pool. If you’re celebrating your bachelor/ette-hood during the summer, there’s nothing more refreshing and carefree than packing a huge bag and making like a beach bum from morning till night. Sunbathe, swim, surf, boat, ski or wakeboard, and don’t forget to bring along a volleyball set, horseshoes, paddle ball and bean bags. Oh, and don’t forget the SPF, either.

Camp – or Glamp!

Are all your close buds the outdoorsy type? What’s better than a couple of nights spent camping, complete with S’mores, a cooler full of brew, ghost stories and all the grilled hamburgers you can eat? If there are a few people in the bunch who wouldn’t know what to do without hot water and electricity for 72 hours, plan a Glamping (glamorous camping) trip instead. You’ll barely notice the mosquitos and humidity when you’re sipping champagne in your plush cabin.

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Dancing Shoes

Unless one of your pals has two left feet and severe anxiety about busting a move, book a dance studio and have professional instructors show you how to move. You can take lessons for everything from salsa and ballroom dance to hip hop and disco.

Film Festival

Do all conversations eventually lead to, “Did you see that new movie? It’s with that guy from that other movie that had the girl from that movie we saw last weekend…”? You and your fellow movie buffs can take in a film festival or even create your own! If nothing’s going on in town, set up a screen in a friend’s backyard, gather a bunch of your favorite flicks and settle in for a viewing complete with delicious takeout and themed cocktails.


Las Vegas gets a bad rap as a bachelor party destination, but when the guys and girls are together, The Strip can be twice as fun. Whether you’re in Vegas or close to another casino, skip the strip clubs and actually spend some time gambling instead. Or, host your own casino party at home with a poker set, cocktails and snacks.


Okay, so unless the bride and all of her bridesmaids love to golf, this isn’t the best co-ed party idea in the world. Not so fast, though – a lot of golf resorts also have spas, which means that the ladies can be pampered as the boys play around. Then, everyone can meet up for the rest of the day and evening. Unless everyone actually likes to golf, which is perfect all around.

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Live Music

Head to a concert with your nearest and dearest and rock away your bachelor/ette party. This can be tricky if no two people in the group have the same taste in music, though. If that’s the case, see if there’s a music festival coming up instead. Odds are that there’ll be enough variety to keep everyone happy.

Sports Game

Not every bride-to-be is the prissy type. If you’d much rather watch your favorite baseball team beat the pants off their rivals, have everyone get together to see a game live. Plan to meet up well beforehand so you can start tailgating early. Truly show your solidarity by wearing the same colors or painting your faces to cheer on your team.

Take a Risk

Can’t count how many times you, your main squeeze and your friends have said, “One day, we’re going to try [fill in adventurous activity].” It’s time to make that pipe dream come true, whether it’s sky diving, deep sea fishing or rock climbing. Just make sure to make reservations with a legitimate company, especially if it’s everyone’s first time.

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Vacation for Thirty!

Friends who travel together, stay together…and they’ll also have lifelong memories and insider jokes to laugh about forever. Check out packages at all-inclusive resorts – you may get a sweeter deal if you’re booking rooms for a large group. Then you can spend a weekend or even longer snorkeling, shopping, tanning, playing golf and indulging on delicious meals.

Wine Tasting

When you and your guy go to dinner with your friends, is the table full of empty wine bottles and clinking glasses? A wine tasting excursion sounds right up your alley. If there are local wineries in your area, arrange tours and tastings, then rent a limo to safely go from one to the next. Or, take a road trip to a city that’s chock full of tasting opportunities and spend the weekend sipping the grape.

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