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Confidence Ep. 2.1 (Words Do Matter)

Dedicated to adding value to all Vancouverites in BC, here at Nirvana Photography Studios thrive on providing little life secrets to help all to achieve prosperity. Although our mission promotes Wedding, Engagement, Boudoir, Maternity, and Newborn Photography in mostly Vancouver and the lower Mainland, our true intentions are to seek out beauty from within and not just on the surface of make up and glitter. For life in Vancouver is busy, on-the-go, we rarely have enough time to slow down to get to know a person and appreciate the little things. But if you are here reading this, you have found several minutes to share this piece together with us, Vancouver.

“There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.”

— Maria Mitchell

There were many times when we tell ourselves that we are clumsy right after spilling a cup of coffee at work, or calling ourselves “accident prone” when we burn ourselves in the kitchen. I, for example, had told myself for many years that I over-react to the smallest things; thus, manifested into a belief that I am not worth the time to explain situations to or I am weak person. But our truth lies within the words we choose to use on ourselves. There is evident scientific psychological behind the use of our own voice and self belief. The more we tell ourselves that we are this and that, the more we believe it.
So next time, even when you don’t believe in the positive chanting to yourself, try accepting that in the end, you’re still human and you possess a human brain. If many successful (human) people happily do these exercises everyday, believe that it will work on you too!

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

— Plato

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