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Confidence Ep. 2.2 (Words Do Matter)

In an extremely on-the-go city like Vancouver, we are constantly rubbing shoulders with one another. We realize that our society nowadays are struggling with confidence and self image at Nirvana Photography Studios. Although we have positioned ourselves as wedding, engagement, maternity, and newborn photographers here in the heart of Vancouver, we acknowledge that It’s not possible to be able to add value to everyone everyday via photography (especially those who aren’t getting married, engaged, pregnant, or giving birth). Thus, we aim put our passion into spreading as much positive insight as possible through the web, in hopes to encourage Greater Vancouver into a better tomorrow.

Image Courtesy of BrainyQuote.com Image Courtesy of BrainyQuote.com

A couple weeks ago, we posted a blog entry “Confidence Ep. 2.1 (Words Do Matter).” We talked about how one’s own words impact oneself by either lifting up or putting down. There is an amazing verse in the Bible: Whatever is in the well will come up in the bucket. Now, I have no desire to be preaching Christianity to everyone. I just believe this short, witty phrase holds true wisdom. Our words not only reveal what is inside of us, but also impact other people around us. We can all agree that the source of happiness as human beings is through relationships we build on a daily basis. So how do we create or recreate better relationships? By having a check up from the neck up. How are we using our words? Are we empowering people or are we damaging people? Are we truthful or deceitful? We are always reaping what we sow. If we put out encouragement and empowerment, it comes back to us. If we put out hurt and lies, it comes back to us as well.

Let’s keep our words soft and sweet, for we might have to eat them one day!

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”

— John C. Maxwell

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