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Looking for a cool gift for outdoor photo enthusiasts?

You’re sitting around the glow of the campfire, looking all rugged and outdoorsy, but when you pull out your phone for a selfie … disaster! Dead battery.

You need the Power Pot. It charges your phone using thermoelectricity magic while you simultaneously heat up a pot of food to charge your tummy.

If you can build a fire (or, better yet, fire up a camp stove) you are well on your way to a no-outlet-necessary phone reboot.

Don’t miss photos ops of morning tent hairstyles or bears creepin’ on your turf.

Plus, the Power Pot is so light you’ll barely notice it on the hike.

Bonus: should bigfoot attack, the Power Pot will give you the charge to tweet pics and a bowl of soup to befriend him.

The Cool/Techie Bits

  • Handle and cables are silicone coated and flame resistant
  • Weighs just 14oz
  • The lid doubles as a second pot
  • Made to be tough, it includes a lifetime warranty

Can be had for $149 over at PhotoJojo

All images courtesy of Photojojo – click to enlarge

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