Lighting the Face (Full Day Workshop)

Lighting the Face (Full Day Workshop)


In this hands-on course, we will investigate a wide array of lighting tools and setups dedicated to improving and understanding head shot photography. There will be very little classroom based theory, this is not a lesson in camera settings or ratios. Instead we want to teach you to see light in a new and detailed way. You will learn how to sculpt the light and notice subtleties so that you can create your own unique images and personal style. Hence, we get you shooting models pretty much right from the start.

In the end, you should not only be able to understand the breadth of lighting tools available,  also know how to use different tools to produce distinct looks that are suitable for an array of situations. You should also be able to look at images created by other photographers and know how the look was achieved simply by comparing shadow angles, depth, sharpness, falloff, and catch light shape and position.

Flattering light differs on men and woman, so we willhave both a male and female models.

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