Photoshop: Skin Retouching for Photographers (half day)

Photoshop: Skin Retouching for Photographers (half day)


Saturday, May 14th, 9am to 2pm

306 Abbot Street, Buzz 14

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Skin needs to be retouched. Even beautiful skin with great makeup. The problem with most of the Photoshop techniques I’ve experimented with over the years (burning & dodging individual pores, Surface Blur filter, Dust and Scratches filter, etc.) is they take too long, aren’t very convincing, or - worst of all - make the subject look like a victim of plastic surgery gone bad.

In this course, we learn which techniques to use to create natural looking results, that enhance your portrait without making your subjects look "plasticy". We talk about blemish removal, removing bags under eyes, enhancing eyes and makup, and, of course, enhancing skin.

After this course, and with a little practice, you should be able to perform the "15 minute makeover", a routine of subtle enhancements that will make your client look like a million bucks.