Photographing Models & Fashion (Full Day Workshop)

Photographing Models & Fashion (Full Day Workshop)


Models, Makeup Artists, Fashion, Glamour, flashing strobes, clicking cameras...…. and you. Ever wanted to shoot professional models? Create an amazing portfolio? Don't know where to start?

We not just set you up with the fundamentals you need to create your own projects, but also make you you leave the course with both jaw-dropping images and  a model release so you can use them however you like. 

We Start Where Others Stop

Instead of getting lost in technicalities, we get you shooting and experimenting with real models right from the start. You will learn everything everything that really matters to s build a killer portfolio fast, and have fun in the process. We won’t talk a lot about camera settings, we do assume you have those down. Instead, we focus on stuff you won't learn anywhere else.

What you get

  • Makeup Artists, Models, Lights, etc - all you need is your camera
  • Model releases for all the photos you shoot
  • We will shoot lots, and then shoot some more, always trying to put the below into practice
  • We will let the models speak as well, and talk about how things look like from “the other side"
  • Lunch and soft drinks
  • Finding Models
    • Where to look
    • What to look for
    • How to avoid issues
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Planning a shoot
  • Interacting with your model
    • Posing
    • Communicating your vision
  • Lighting for different looks
  • Male versus female models
  • Glamour lighting
  • High key/low key lighting setups
  • Using props
  • Creative effects that don’t break the bank
  • Using smoke for dramatic effect
  • Post processing

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Optional: You are welcome to bring your laptop, cables for tethered shooting, etc  

Where & When?

This year, we offer this course twice: once on April 30, and once on August 27. Please pick the right date on checkout!

Courses start at 9am, till approximately  5pm. Afterwards, we will hang around the studio and socialize, maybe post process or shoot some more.

Where: 306 Abbott Street, Buzz 14


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