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Create a Wistful, Bohemian-Inspired Wedding

Photo courtesy of Polka Dot Bride
Bohemian is a term that is used loosely. Generally, it describes a style that is gypsy-like and based on a free spirit lifestyle. Colors are soft and muted and images have an ethereal look to them. There is a growing trend for bohemian weddings. This look is created for the ceremony but it really comes alive in the photos. To help your photos have a bohemian look, start with your wedding design.
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Start by choosing a location. The bohemian style is natural and earthy so outdoor weddings in the woods are perfect. You can have the wedding at any outdoor location but remember that bohemian weddings are different from country weddings. Country weddings appeal to a different lifestyle so wedding photos that are taken on a ranch will look more country than bohemian. Gardens or destination weddings, like New Zealand or Ireland, also help create beautiful bohemian pictures.
Photo courtesy of Chick Wedding Gowns
For clothes, choose natural fibres and soft, muted colors. If you can’t find, or afford, natural fibres, use clothes that look natural. Dresses should be soft and flowing. You can stick with traditional white, but many bohemian brides choose other soft colors. It’s quite common to go barefoot at a bohemian wedding, but if the terrain is too rough, you should opt for sandals.
Photo courtesy of A Day to RememberMen get quite a bit of versatility in a bohemian wedding. In a traditional wedding, they usually wear a dark suit and there is little variation from one wedding to the next. However, for a bohemian wedding, lighter suits in both color and fabric are popular. You can also try something more playful like suspenders and a top hat with grey pants or a tie and vest.
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Women should wear their hair long, if possible, so that it flows. There are many styles with the hair partially up that stays true to this look. If you have short hair, you might want to consider a pixie cut or shaggy ‘do. Finish the look with a flower garland in your head, single flowers or a fabric headband.
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Following the free spirit theme, bridesmaids and groomsmen do not need to be perfectly matched. Complementing tones are more important that having bridesmaids in uniform dresses.
Photo courtesy of The Antique Door Once you have your location chosen and your look together, you don’t need much else. Nature provides the background for your ceremony and photos. For your reception, you’ll want to decorate with natural items like wildflower centerpieces or stones spread across the table. But for your pictures, use the trees, grass, water and anything else in your natural environment.
For the best whimsical, bohemian look, hold your ceremony early in the morning or late evening. This gives the softest light, which is most flattering for the couple but also helps with the overall look of the images. Depending on the time of year, early morning and late evening don’t have to be too extreme. In September, an outdoor wedding held around 5 or 6 p.m. should have lovely light.
As always, talk to your photographer about your plans and show examples of the type of photos that you want for your wedding. He will be able to help you set them up and can give guidance along the way.

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