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Create Art , Be Different, Have Something Special From Your Wedding Photos

Whytecliff Park, British Columbia Whytecliff Park, British Columbia
Your Wedding is unique. You spend a lot of time and money planning it. Vancouver, being situated right smack between the ocean and the mountains, has some of the most amazing mixes of urban and natural landscapes on the planet.
Then why on earth would you settle for run-off-the-mill wedding pictures? Stand there (snap), look this way (snap, snap)…. get a thumb drive… done.
Makes no sense to me.
Well ok, part of me does get it. I disagree, but I somehow get it. [Start Rant] We get flooded everyday by bad-to-mediocre pictures. “Mediocre” is the new “norm”. “Good Enough” is the new “Excellent”. We don’t even know how a good photograph or painting looks like any more. [End Rant]

Our Job As Photographers – Creating Art

So, it is our job as photographers to show our brides the possibilities, educate them on what could be done for them. Show them that their wedding can be turned into unique pieces of art. A R T.

“art noun ˈärt
: something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”

— Webster’s Dictionary

Ahhhh hello???? Anyone out there? Isn’t that the definition of what your wedding photos should produce?
Create something that lasts, that is meaningful to you. Something that inspires. Something that you like to look at. Something you are proud of. Something that is so different from what other people have that it truly represents …. you.
Now, it has been said numerous times that great photographs are taken on both sides of the camera. Meaning: You, the model, as well as your photographer, have to both be willing to go the extra mile, and collaborate on your vision.

Wait… Vision?

Ahhhh, yeah. Both of you have to have an idea in mind. A grand, epic idea of what an image that represents you should look like – and why.

Upcoming Mini Series

So, with that in mind, we will be publishing a mini series of samples where our clients went the extra mile with us. We will show you the final result with the ideas that went into it. Then, in a later post, we will show you how the picture was created. To show you that YOU, too, can have … well… better pictures.

Meet Kalpana

Our bride, Kalpana, loves the outdoors. Hiking, camping, running – you name it. So it’s not a far stretch to shoot her… well… outdoors. Now, it’s easy to shoot someone outside, in the sunshine, maybe even *gasp* a sunset. Maybe throw in some strobes for nice lighting while you are at it, and the result is a “pretty”… colorful, and – for the most part – completely boring picture. Sure – you’ll get excited, post in on facebook, and in a few days you will have forgotten all about it.  Your friends will congratulate you, and half of them compare your picture against the pretty much same one that they had when they got married.

The Concept

Getting married is hard. Moving in with your spouse for the first time is hard. Living with each others intricacies, making it work… it’s hard. You married people out there know what  am talking about.
In this picture, Kalpana is battling the storms of life. She is a light, shining in the darkness, strong against the wind blowing in her face. With a smile on her lips, she uses her veil to play with the storm and demonstrates timeless beauty and light in the darkness.
You may not like the style… but is it meaningful? Totally! Does anyone else have a picture like this? Nobody. Did the bride have to work for this? Ahhh yeah. Did we have to fear the Mother’s wrath had we ruined the sari? Damn straight (and don’t you underestimate the pressure ;-)!
Is this, printed on canvas, nicely framed in a floating dark wood frame, an impressive wall piece that makes everyone stop in their tracks? Drop by the studio and judge for yourself….

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