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Dressing for your Beautiful Baby Bump

Vancouver BC is an amazing environment to bring a new life into. With the variety of cultures immersed altogether, there is no better way to have our next generation learn first handed how vast our world actually is. As Maternity Photographers in Vancouver, we have encountered many glowing soon-to-be mothers accompanied by proud soon-to-be fathers. And with the ongoing change in our mommies’ bodies, there will be some changes needed in the wardrobe department. Especially with how unpredictable our weather can be in Vancouver, it is very crucial to find the right way to dress up for odd environment conditions.

  • DO Embrace your curvature: Sometimes we think that because we are getting “bigger,” we need “bigger” clothing. Mmm no not really… Ladies, we are getting CURVIER; thus, we would be needing CURVIER clothing. No doubt we will be getting a few more inches around our busts and butts! That doesn’t mean larger size clothing is the answer. Your tummy may be nice and snug, but the rest is baggy. This will just have us appear chunkier than we really are. We will be much better off having a maternity dress hugging us in every way, presenting all of our curvy beauty.
  • DO Splurge on a pair of fantastic elastic jeans: I’m sure everyone can agree that jeans are the most versatile piece in our closets, right? They are durable, flexible, and very fashionable. It’s like saying :”black goes with everything.” Same thing with denim! But not just any denim would work for our new 2-in-1 (or 3-in-1, or 4-in-1, or 5-in-1… etc… damn, girl!) bodies. We are looking at maternity jeans with stretchy with secrets within kind of jeans. Click here to see an example!
  • Do Wear patterns and stripes: Many times, we stress over how patterns and/or stripes may cause the illusion of “wideness” (No F bombs, ladies!). In our case with pregnancy, as long as the print of fabric we are wearing is full with out any empty space, we can create a contrast between our bodies and our surroundings; thus, showing off our curvaceous figure. Click here to see an example!
  • DON’T Allow oversized sweats take over your default outfit: Sweatpants tend to devour our lady curves. So does putting on our men’s clothes. It may be really sexy wearing our boo’s XL dress shirt during a boudoir/maternity photo shoot, but not an appropriate outgoing getup (hence the word out-fit). It’s understandable to be in comfort of our threads and there are lots of alternatives. Stretchy leggings or tights, jeans, dresses, and jersey knits can feel just as comfy.
  • DON’T Shy away from color: We’re glowing from the inside out and it’s written all over our faces. Our hair is luscious and nails are shiny. Everything about Our pregnant selves represent the circle of life and it’s such a beautiful sight. Why don’t we build on that gorgeous foundation and add some more color? Remember, we’re not getting f… I mean, wide. We’re becoming curvier! Let’s highlight and show the world just how beautiful a woman with child can be! Click here to see an example!
  • DON’T Be intimidated by layering: Now this is what all Vancouver Mommies need to know! Layering is also an art to master. Not all layering styles will flatter your look. You won’t know when you’ll need that extra layer to put on or come off. V-neck tops are a great selection for us because it allows a frame for our faces.  A nice long shawl can bring attention to the baby bump our husbands are so proud of. Click here to see an example!

Most importantly, play with what you can get your hands on! Have fun with it. You are beautiful and the sight of you brings out the best of us. There’s a mysterious human nature that resurfaces when pregnant ladies are present. We feel obligated to protect and serve you with the utmost respect because you represent life. Thank you for making the world a better place by revealing your beauty!!

TELL US: What had been your favorite maternity pieces? Are there any fashion tips you would like to share with your fellow moms-to-be? Leave us a comment below!

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