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Embrace Wedding Day Rain

Photo courtesy of Cedarwood Weddings Every bride considers the weather when she is planning her wedding, especially for outdoor locations. She cross her fingers, toes and add a rabbit’s foot to her key chain, because bad weather on your wedding day is a bad omen, right? Not true at all. Rain on a wedding day is actually considered good luck in some regions. It will, however, but a crimp in your wedding plans if you aren’t prepared. Every Westcoaster should be prepared for rain on her wedding day. So, plan ahead and your day will go smoothly, regardless of the weather and your photos will show it.
Photo courtesy of Real Weddings
Plan for good weather but keep supplies on hand in case it rains. Choose coordinating umbrellas for the bridal party. This is something you may not consider, but when you are photographed holding an umbrella, a mix of colors can detract from the overall image. It is easy to find umbrellas in a neutral color, like clear, black or white, but colorful umbrellas can also bring out the colors in your wedding scheme. If the rain is light, you might also consider parasols to add a whimsical look to your wedding.
Photo courtesy of The Event Firm
Swap out your satin slippers for some coordinating, or festive, rain boots. This will keep you comfortable and dry and you won’t be worrying about getting watermarks out of your shoes.
Photo courtesy of The Event Firm
Move the wedding to a dry location if possible, but if not, embrace the rain. Rain doesn’t have to be a downer on your wedding day. It can make the atmosphere feel romantic, or even surreal, and does wonders for photos. Check out these beautiful images of couples enjoying their rainy weddings.
Photo courtesy of Design in Bloom Photo courtesy of Design in Bloom
Use the bright, colorful umbrellas to create a unique image and draw attention to the couple. This photo composition doesn’t have coordinating umbrellas, but the photographer uses this to his advantage. The bride and groom are the focal point in a wave of color and the collection of photos shows exactly what’s going on that day.
Photo courtesy of One Wed
As the rain tapers off, you can use your umbrellas as props in your photos. They can be used to set a mood or simply add color to the photos.
Photo courtesy of One Wed
Rain isn’t that leaves you powerless (although you can’t control the weather!). However, when it happens, professionals can use it to control the mood. This has been true for years. Check out this passionate kiss from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If they can have this much romance in the rain, so can you.
Photo courtesy of They All Laughed

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